The Key Differences Between Ford 8n vs. Ford 9n Mower?

Ford is a name that has shined in many places. Even making the tractor or mower Ford became quite popular in the market.

Its Ford 8n and Ford 9n tractors were exceptional when they first came for sale and people were crazy about them. Even today they are on the top list of mowers.

However, there are some significant differences that you can find in these two mowers. If you want to know which one is better, then this article will help you figure it out.

Ford 8n vs. Ford 9n: Quick Comparison Table

FeaturesFord 8nFord 9n
Engine Power27.32 hp20.29 hp
Cutting Width64 inches64 inches
Wheel DrivePower Forward and ReversePower Forward and reverse
Tire28 and 19 inches32 and 19 inches
Weight2410 lbs.2140 lbs.
Charging Capacity6 volts, 20 amps6 volts, 16 amps
Transmissionconstant meshSliding gear
Fuel Capacity10 gallons10 gallons

What Is the Difference Between Ford 8n vs. Ford 9n on Features?

1. Engine Power:

Both Ford 8n and Ford 9n have excellent engines. The Ford 9n has Ford gasoline 4-cylinder liquid-cooled inline 119.7 ci engine. It is a good engine made by Ford and can power the mower to run and do its work without any issues with energy.

Ford 8n Ford gasoline 4-cylinder 8-valve liquid-cooled 119.7 ci engine which has extra 8-valve for smooth and powerful driving.

Hence, Ford 8n as a successor to the Ford 9n is a better choice.

2. Wheel Drive:

Driving speed is the most important aspect of mowers. A slow mower cannot cut all the grasses from the field in a short time.

Thus, even though the Ford 9n is an old model it can run at a speed of 18mph with full throttle.

And the Ford 8n has marked the top speed of 96 mph! It is the fastest mower that you will see on the market.

Although this much speed is not necessary, it is always better to have something that can run fast. And definitely, Ford 8n wins the race. Literally!

3. Tire:

Tires play a big role in speed. Having smaller standard tires will help the mower drive fast. But heavy tires are meant for doing heavy work.

Ford 9n has rear tires measuring 32 inches and front ones are 19 inches. On the other hand, the Ford 8n’s rear tires are 28 inches and the front ones are 19 inches.

You can see that the Ford 8n has smaller tires which are better for fast driving.

4. Price:

The price of Ford products is high due to the super cool design and amazing engine with the premium build quality.

Both Ford 8n and Ford 9n are very old models and you won’t find them in the market as a new piece. Hence, you can buy a second-hand one in different price ranges depending on the condition.

But in most cases, the prices are high due to how good they are till today.

5. Cutting Width:

The cutting width is a factor in determining the total area that can be covered by your blades.

Now, if you look at the specs, you will see that both the mowers Ford 8n and Ford 9n have 64 cutting widths. It is enormous and you can cover a lot of area in a single run.

6. Weight:

The kind of components that make up a mower will determine its overall weight. Mowers that weigh more are better equipped to do a variety of laborious tasks.

Ford 9n has 2140 lbs weight which is decent without any kind of accessories. And Ford 8n weighs 2410 lbs.

Although there is debate on which is better regarding the weight, I would say Ford 8n is a better pick.

7. Charging Capacity:

The Ford 9n has a generator to charge the battery. It has 6 volts and 16amps.

And the Ford 8n has 20amps with 6 volts battery which is charged by a generator.

The newer models have 12 volts battery which generates good electric power. However, considering how old these two models are it is decent and the Ford 8n has better amps.

8. Transmission:

According to the manual, the Ford 9n has the sliding gear. It has 3 forward and 1 reverse gear to move the mower both forward and reverse.

On the other hand, Ford 8n has constant mesh gear with 4 forward and 1 backward gear.

Thus, the Ford 8n is better than the Ford 9n in terms of transmission.

9. Fuel Capacity:

If the fuel tank can hold more, you can do more cutting without having to worry about having to replenish it soon. A lawnmower with a higher fuel capacity will be superior to one with a lower capacity because of this reason.

Now, both the Ford 8n and Ford 9n have 10 gals of fuel capacity. Even many newer mowers

10. Starter:

A starter is quite important for a mower. If you have a starter that is not very good you will find it troubling every now and then.

Thankfully, both the starter of Ford 8n and Ford 9n electric starters and the quality of both starters are top-notch.

11. Warranty:

Warranty is a crucial factor while buying anything. If you get a good warranty for a product and its parts then you will get a worry-free user experience.

In that sense, Ford gave 3 years warranty on both its Ford 9n and Ford 8n mowers. However, it is hard for you to get any warranty with either of the Ford 8n and Ford 9n mowers as you may not get a new one.

Ford 8n vs. Ford 9n: Which One to Choose Finally?

When it’s about buying the right mower, it is always a confusing one. You must be nervous if you are choosing the right one.

Now if you compare the Ford 8n and Ford 9n then one thing is very clear. If you want to buy one from these two go for the Ford 8n.

Ford 8n is an upgraded version of Ford 9n. There are many reasons why the Ford 8n is better than the Ford 9n.

The increase in horsepower is one example of such an improvement. The engines that come standard on Ford 8n tractors typically have a little bit more power than the engines that come standard on Ford 9n tractors.

Other than the engine, the layout of the Ford 8n mower has also undergone a number of revisions in recent years.

To begin, the earlier Ford 9n tractors only had a three-speed gearbox, while the more recent Ford 8n tractors had a four-speed transmission instead. Because of this, you have better control over both speed and strength.

It’s true that the difference between these two mowers is not that big, but it is something that makes Ford 8n a better choice.


Both Ford 8n and Ford 9n are products of Ford which is famous for making excellent cars and other vehicles. Thus, there is no doubt about the quality of these tractors.

However, due to some improvements in Ford 8n, it became a sensational choice for many users. Thus, you should also buy it when struggling to pick one of these two.

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