8 Problems with Ferris Zero Turn Mowers and Their Fixes

Ferris zero-turn mowers are exceptionally comfortable and well-made. There are numerous reasons to select it. Ferris zero turn mowers are extremely efficient, and they all have a unique suspension mechanism.

However, Ferris mowers like any other mower brand might develop a defect at any time. You may have had problems with your Ferris zero turn mower, such as the starting issue, inequitable cuts, deck not moving, traction issues, etc.

The good news is that in most circumstances, you can fix them yourself. So, let’s read the article thoroughly and lean about all the solutions.

Common Ferris Zero Turn Mower Problems and Their Fixes:

Though the Ferris mower is quite comfortable to use, there are still some limitations. The focus of today’s discussion will be on the most common problems with Ferris zero turn mowers and how to troubleshoot them.

1. The starting issue

When you have troubles beginning, it can be a significant disadvantage for you because the problem may be minor and the machine may run smoothly after starting, but if it does not start in the first place, it will be useless. However, it is possible that it will not begin for a variety of reasons.

  • Fuel restriction produced by clogged or malfunctioning fuel components
  • Air restriction caused by a stopped air filter
  • An electrical difficulty caused by a poor battery
  • Weak connections
  • Broken electrical components
  • A faulty charging system prevents a Ferris zero turn lawn mower from starting

These are some general troubleshooting tips for problems with starting:

  • Ascertain that the fuel tank is full
  • The energy level is adequate
  • Check the carburettor
  • Hydraulic system too

2. Inequitable cuts

These problems down below can cause improper cuts:  

  • Dull, worn or damaged blades
  • Mowing too fast
  • Not overlapping the rows enough

These are some general suggestions for problems:

  • Level the deck before starting to cut to avoid uneven cuts
  • Sharpening the blades if dull
  • Clean out the deck
  • Repair or replace the deck

3. Wet Grass is Difficult to Mow

Ferris designed this zero-turn mower to cut both dry and wet grass at the same time. However, mowing damp grass with this zero-turn mower might be difficult sometimes.

The Fixes:

  • Slowing the motor
  • Honing the blades
  • Inspect the engine if the fuel mix or
  • Check the spark plugs if you find the oil level is too high
  • Clean the air filter

4. Continuous vibrating

Even if you run your mower at a reduced speed, vibration is a typical concern with most zero-turn mowers.

However, if the vibration is intolerable, it is safe to infer that there is a problem.

When mowing at low speeds, Ferris zero-turn mowers might vibrate at a greater frequency. Excessive vibration indicates that your mower needs to be serviced.

To solve this problem:

  • Stop using your zero-turn mower
  • Adjust the throttle or the choke
  • Ensure a smoother lawn
  • Angle the blades properly

5. Brake Not Working

One of the most serious issues a person might encounter is a broken brake. It’s also possible that you’ll have an accident.

  • the brake callipers are worn out
  • the brakes aren’t adjusted properly.

When diagnosing a brake problem, it’s possible that you’ll need to:

  • Replace the callipers first
  • Double-check that the blade is properly adjusted

6. Problems with Hydro-Gear System

Hydrostatic transmissions are found in almost all Ferris zero-turn mowers; therefore, this is a regular issue with those machines. The pump will not be able to create pressure in this time.

The problem is usually caused by:

  • Air entering the transmission
  • The pump is filled with air instead of oil

This may solve by:

  • Take the control lever out of neutral
  • Disengage the clutch and brakes
  • Motion control levers should be pushed forward for five seconds and then held in place for another five
  • Air in the transmission system should be removed.
  • Turn off the engines then. You should be able to
  • Relaunch the mower

7. Engine Runs Poorly

When your mower is working but not perfectly or running poorly, it could be because:

  • The fuel mixture is too high
  • The spark plug gaps are too huge

This problem can also be solved by:

  • Cleaning the air filter
  • Adjusting the choke
  • Then reset the spark plug gap to solve the engine problem

8. Traction problems

You should not have any traction concerns if you have an upgraded zero-turn mower. With the extra time spent mowing, Ferris zero-turn mowers can experience traction issues.

If you’re having traction issues, you may:

  • Inspect your deck and blades
  • If your deck is in good condition, you should replace the blades

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

Ferris is well worth your money! It’s incredibly comfy and well-constructed. Many of the consumer shared their experience that they wouldn’t buy anything else than a Ferris. It is a better cut or ride comfort anywhere.

The Ferris zero turn mower is a no-brainer suggestion. We’ve examined plenty of comfortable mowers with strong construction, but the Ferris suspension is a little different. There aren’t many lawn mowers that can handle uneven lawns as well as the Ferris.

Ferris mowers are well worth the investment. They’re tough, versatile, and surprisingly simple to use. Few mowers can match the amount of operator comfort that Ferris mowers provide. Their zero-turn mowers are among the most cutting-edge in the business.

Final words

Ferris zero turn mowers are extremely efficient, and they all have a unique suspension mechanism. Many of the issues with the Ferris zero turn mower can be quickly and easily resolved.

In general, if you follow the steps outlined here, you should be able to solve most issues. If you are unfamiliar with power tools or are unable to manage repairs on your own, you should seek expert help.

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