6 Most Common Problems with Ferris 400s and Their Solutions

Ferris is a leading name in the mower market and its 400s model is one of the best mowers you will ever see. And still, there can be flaws in the best of the products. 

Are the flaws of the 400s very serious? Can you fix the problems at home?

Well, you can rest assured because the problems found in the 400s are often not very serious that can cause the mower to be changed. And in most cases, you can fix those problems at home without seeing a mechanic if you are knowledgeable about mowers and engines. 

Let’s check what common problems you may face while using Ferris 400s.

6 Most Common Problems with Ferris 400s and Their Solutions:

There are not many problems that you will see in this particular model of Ferris. Most of the people are satisfied using this one. However, let’s check some of the common issues that people have faced over time.

1. Engine overload

It is quite common in the 400s model. When you use the mower for an extended period of time, the engine may fail to perform properly due to the stress.

Thus, you should be careful about how long you use it to cut the grasses. Otherwise, there is a risk of engine failure and that can cost you to fix it.

2. Operating problem

The parking brake must be activated and the electronic clutch must be turned off for a 400s mower to start.

A battery with very little charge, corroded battery connections, unclean or damaged spark plugs, or faulty electrical wiring is some of the other reasons the mower won’t start. 

A faulty solenoid, starter, or safety interlock circuit might potentially make it impossible to start the mower.

A 400s model’s engine might knock if the wrong type of oil is used or the oil level is low. The mower may use an enormous amount of oil if the engine is operating hot or the crankcase is overloaded with oil.

The engine can create black exhaust smoke if it has a filthy air filter or a locked crank control.

3. Mowing problem

The lift connection on your Ferris mower may be linked incorrectly or damaged if the mower deck does not go up or down.

Whether you have the engine speed configured too low or are moving too quickly, the mower may hang once the blades are engaged.

If the mower deck is kept low or the discharge tube is blocked, the mower will stall.

4. Cutting problem

A Ferris mower cutting incorrectly might be caused by several issues. The most typical cause of streaks and uneven spots on the lawn is dull, worn, or broken blades.

Setting the motor speed too low, mowing too quickly, and not spanning the rows enough all contribute to streaking.

A scalped or uneven region can be caused by an uneven mowing deck or one that is set too low, as well as underinflated tires.

Damaged mower decks, twisted or loose mower spindles, and clogged discharge chutes are all possible causes of uneven mowing.

5. Excessive Mower Vibration

If your mower starts to vibrate significantly, turn it off right away. This is frequently a symptom of a broken or out-of-balance mower blade.

The vibration is caused by unequal distribution of weight at the blade’s ends as it spins (Similarly, a washing machine with an improperly distributed load would squeak and generate more noise than usual). 

A broken blade or one that’s been honed wrongly and is out of balance might cause this. Examine the blade for damage and test for balance if you feel the mower is vibrating excessively because of a blade issue. Replace it if it is broken.

Sharpen or change the blade when it’s out of balance. Hanging a blade on a pin put into a wall through the middle hole is a simple way to test its balance.

The blade’s heavier side will fall lower than its lighter side. Continuing to operate with this problem might result in irreversible harm to the engine, as well as injury to the driver in some cases.

6. Not engaging issue

When the 400s Ferris does not engage in mowing there can be one of the two problems. Either the PTO switch is damaged or the PTO clutch is the problem. 

  • PTO Clutch- The PTO (Power Take-Off) clutch allows you to detach the engine from the blades manually. Whenever the clutch solenoid is activated, the clutch contacts the drive belt, which drives the lawnmower blades to rotate. The lawnmower blades cannot engage when the PTO clutch is not receiving power, when the clutch solenoid is malfunctioning, or when the clutch is worn out. The PTO clutch can’t be repaired; if it’s broken, you’ll have to replace it.
  • PTO Switch- The PTO clutch is powered by the PTO switch. If the switch is faulty, the PTO clutch may not get power. The clutch will not engage as an outcome, and the mower blades will not revolve. Use a multimeter to examine the switch for consistency to see whether it’s broken. Replace the PTO switch if it is broken.

Is Ferris 400s Good?

The 400S is a fast and efficient lawn mower with several unique features. Blending speed and strength in lawn mower technology is tough to accomplish. That is, however, what distinguishes the Ferris 400S zero turn.

It’s one of those small, strong, and quick lawnmowers. It’s a simple-to-use zero-turn lawnmower, as the name implies.

The cutting deck of this mower is available in two widths: 44′′ and 48′′. I’m going to disregard the 44′′ deck for this evaluation because I despise its design. If you require a 44-inch deck for any reason, go ahead and look at it, however, the deck design does not appeal to me.

The 25 Briggs and Stratton Commercial series or 21.5 Kawasaki FR651V engine powers the 400S mower. Each of these motors is a well-built commercial entry-level engine. They’re well-known and widely utilized in the business on mowers of this caliber.

It isn’t a fully functional commercial mower. However, it has many commercial-grade elements that make it tough and durable. With this mower, you can mow mid-sized lawns and fields more efficiently and quickly. It’s suitable for use by homeowners, but it may also be used for some moderate professional work.

Altogether, this is a well-made mower that will serve you well for a long time. The fact that it isn’t a full-fledged commercial mower shouldn’t deter you. This mower is ideal for the appropriate consumer.


Ferris 400s is a great performer and excellent mower which is loved by many people. There are very few issues that may arise and that may even show quite rarely. Hence, this is a great mower that you can have and has long longevity that you will enjoy with an excellent mowing experience.

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