What is The Key Differences Between Exmark Vs. Toro?

Toro is a very old company which has been making mowers till today. The mowers are excellent and very easy to use.

Exmark is also a prominent mower maker which is a sub-company of Toro. Thus, both Toro and Exmark are actually Toro mowers.

But there are some differences in these mowers. Exmark is mainly made for professional use. On the other hand, Toro makes home lawnmowers and other small-type mowers.

In this article, you will know about the key differences between these two mowers and know which one will fit your need.

Exmark vs. Toro: Quick Comparison Table

Engine Power24.5 HP24.8 hp HP
Cutting Width48 inches50 inches
Wheel DrivePower Forward and ReversePower Forward
Tire22 inches18 inches
Pricehigh rangelow range
Weight850 lbs.121 lbs.
Charging Capacity12 volts, 35 ah12 volts, 35 ah
TransmissionHydrostatic2 HST
Fuel Capacity7 gallons3 gal gallons

What Is the Difference Between Exmark vs. Toro on Features?

1. Engine Power:

For a lawnmower, engine power is essential. It’s easy to mow a field with a powerful mower that has appropriate engine power.

The Exmark mower features a 24.5 hp engine that is used to power the mower and cut the lawn. If you’re looking for a mower that provides you with a lot of power, this one is for you.

The 24.5 horsepower Toro mower is also excellent. It is identical to the Exmark.

Consequently, both of them are going to rely on the same engine.

2. Wheel Drive:

Some lawn mowers are only able to move forward and do not have a reverse mode.

It’s not that way with the Exmark, however! There are two speeds available: forward and backward travel at a rate of 12 mph and 5 mph. This is a professional-grade mower.

When compared to Exmark, Toro can only go 5 mph, which is a significant speed difference.

You may conclude that Exmark is superior to Toro because of this.

3. Tire:

Mowing equipment relies heavily on tires. However, whether or not people prefer large or tiny tires is a matter of personal preference. Tire size is a personal preference that varies greatly from person to person.

There are 22-inch tires on Exmark mowers, which is enough for a mower of that size. However, Toro’s tires are just 18 inches in diameter, but Exmark’s tires are 24 inches in diameter.

In the eyes of some, the larger tires on the Exmark win it over the competition.

4. Price:

There are several features and high-end specifications in Exmark’s premium and commercial mowers. To put it another way, the cost of this mower is astronomical.

Toro, on the other hand, is less expensive than Exmark, despite the fact that it lacks the characteristics of a commercial lawnmower. All that’s included are the tools necessary to maintain a lawn.

5. Cutting Width:

Using a wide cutting width ensures that you cover a wide area and that the cut is smooth. It’s a good thing that Exmark’s cutting width is 48 inches since most mowers aim for the more common 52-inch cutting width.

Toro’s 50-inch cutting breadth is somewhat better than Exmark’s 44-inch cutting width.

In terms of cutting width, Toro is clearly the winner here, although Exmark is capable of the work at hand.

6. Weight:

This belief is held by some mower owners who believe that larger machines are better for large fields.

In terms of commercial mower weight, the Exmark comes in at 850 pounds, which isn’t awful at all. The Toro, on the other hand, weighs in at a whopping 121 pounds. Because it’s so light, it’s not ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

A heavy-duty Exmark mower is recommended for large fields or gardens, while a lightweight Toro mower is ideal for smaller ones.

7. Charging Capacity:

One of the most essential things to consider when purchasing a lawnmower is how long the battery can operate before needing to be recharged.

Batteries for Exmark have 12 volts and 35 ampere-hours capacity. A 35-AH battery and 12 volts are the same for Toros.

Thus, both mowers have the same amount of battery capacity.

8. Transmission:

In a lawnmower, the gearbox is a critical component. A poor one might impair the mower’s performance and make you enraged since you bought it.

Transaxles on both the Exmark and the Toro are of a high standard.

An excellent hydrostatic transmission is offered by Exmark. But there is more to Toro than meets the eye. You won’t have any issues operating the tractor since it has two HSTs that keep it running smoothly.

Toro’s two hydrostatic transmissions improve the mowing experience. Nonetheless, the experience with Exmark has been excellent.

9. Fuel Capacity:

You may operate for lengthy periods of time without having to refuel your mower if it has a large gasoline capacity. This is a significant benefit since it is not always a pleasant task to replace the gasoline tank on a regular basis. A vehicle with a larger gasoline capacity, therefore, is always preferable.

The fuel capacity of the Exmark mower is exceptional at 7 gallons; this is a feature that isn’t seen on many other mowers.

Toro, on the other hand, can hold 3 gallons of gasoline. However, if you just need to mow a small area, this mower would suffice.

Exmark, on the other hand, emerged victorious.

10. Starter:

An effective mower starter is an absolute need. It’s possible that a bad starter may bring you problems on a regular basis.

Solenoid starters, like the one used by Exmark, are very quick and effective.

The Toro, on the other hand, is powered by an electric starter. It’s also a handy starting and quite straightforward to use.

11. Warranty:

If you want a hassle-free existence, you need to have a warranty. No warranty means you’ll be on the hook for a lot of money in the event that anything goes wrong with the device.

Because of this, Exmark offers a 5-year guarantee, which is exceptional in the lawnmower industry. It will shield you from any additional expenses.

While Exmark’s guarantee is better, Toro’s is just 3 years.

Since Exmark’s guarantee is more extensive, it offers superior security.

Exmark vs. Toro: Which One to Choose Finally?

Now it comes to the part where you get to know which one you should buy.

Well, if you are trying to mow a large field with a heavy-duty mower there are no questions about Exmark. With a nice engine power and heavy-made body, this is the right one. You will get enough fuel capacity to mow a large area.

But if you want to cut the grasses from your garden or a small field then go for Toro. It has an amazing body and you can move it very easily. It is more convenient for using this mower in a small garden or field.

The rest is up to you. Choose the right one according to your need.


Exmark and Toro serve different purposes. One is a professional-type mower for a large area and another one is for daily use on your lawn.

Some people will get the Exmark and some will pick Toro because of different preferences. But there is no doubt that both are excellent in their own purposes.

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