Exmark Vs. Kubota: Which One Should be Your Final Pick?

Exmark is a great mower with plenty of features. The Toro company helps Exmark make amazing mowers and keep growing day by day.

It has an excellent engine power along with great fuel capacity, build materials, etc.

The rival of Exmark, Kubota is another great mower that has splendid engine power, mower fuel capacity, greater battery capacity, and so on. 

Now, if you are to choose one over another you need to know the differences between them. That’s why in this article I will share the significant differences between these two mowers for you to choose the right one for you.

Exmark Vs. Kubota: Quick Comparison Table

Engine Power24.5 HP24.8 hp HP
Cutting Width48 inches48 inches
Wheel DrivePower Forward and ReversePower Forward and Reverse
Tire22 inches26 inches
Pricehigh rangehigh range
Weight850 lbs.4,001 lbs.
Charging Capacity12 volts, 35 ah12 volts, 60 ah
TransmissionHydrostatic2 HST with gear reduction
Fuel Capacity7 gallons12.9 gal gallons
StarterSolenoidKey switch

What Is the Difference Between Exmark Vs. Kubota Features?

1. Engine Power:

Engine power is a basic and important factor for a mower. When you have a strong mower with enough engine power you can mow the field easily.

The Exmark has 24.5 hp for running the mower and cutting the grass. You will get enough energy from the mower which is not available in normal mowers.

Kubota is also a great mower with 24.8 hp. It has slightly more hp than the Exmark.

However, if you compare them then you will not see much difference in engine power. But according to the numbers, Kubota will win here.

2. Wheel Drive:

Some normal mowers can only go forward and there is no option for reverse driving.

But the Exmark is not like that. It is a commercial mower for professional use which can drive both forward and backward at the speed of 12 mph and 5 mph respectively. 

On the other hand, Kubota has 10.6 mph forward and 5.3 mph reverse speed. 

Thus, you can say, Exmark is slightly better.

3. Tire:

Tires are important for mowers. However, big or small tires are something that depends on the users and what they like. Some may want bigger tires whereas many will go for smaller ones.

Exmark has 22 inches tire size which is a decent size for mowers that size. But the tire size of Kubota is 26 inches which are distinctively large than the Exmark.

For some people, Kubota is the winner for having bigger tires.

4. Price:

Both of these mowers have a price that is far greater than the norm. These mowers provide a wealth of useful features and a high level of protection for the people using them. 

They are comparable to the best mowers now available on the market. As a result, the price that is being asked is reasonable when taken into consideration alongside the features.

5. Cutting Width:

Cutting width makes sure you cover a lot of areas and cut it smoothly. Exmark has a cutting width of 48 inches which is decent although many mowers focus on having 52 inches cutting width. 

However, the Kubota has similar 48 inches cutting width which is also the same as Exmark. Hence, both have a tie in this section and both have decent cutting width.

6. Weight:

Some mower users think that having a heavier mower is better for mowing a big field. 

The weight of Exmark is 850 lbs which are not bad for a commercial mower. On the other hand, the Kubota is 4,001 lbs. with loader, backhoe, and ROPS / FOPS. It is quite heavy and a tractor like this can work for hours.

7. Charging Capacity:

Charging the mower and getting the mower battery to run for many hours is an important factor when buying one. 

Exmark has a volt of 12 and the capacity of the battery is 35 ah. On the hand, Kubota is better with a 60 ah battery capacity and 12 volts.

Hence, Kubota is better in terms of battery capacity than Exmark. 

8. Transmission:

One of the major things in the mower is the transmission. A bad one can ruin the mower’s work and make you mad because of buying it.

Both the Exmark and Kubota have decent transmission.

Exmark has a hydrostatic transmission which works really well. But Kubota has something more. It has 2 HST with gear reduction which will keep it smooth to work and you won’t find any problem driving the tractor. 

The mowing experience with Kubota is better due to the 2 hydrostatic transmissions. Thus, it is the winner here. 

9. Fuel Capacity:

If you have good fuel capacity in your mower you can work for long hours without and need for refilling it. This is a big advantage as it is not always a comfortable job to refill the fuel every one and then. Hence a bigger fuel capacity is always a better option.

Exmark has a 7-gal fuel capacity which is excellent and not many mowers have this level of fuel capacity.

However, Kubota goes one step ahead and it has 12.9 gals of fuel capacity! It is a lot and exceptionally great. 

Kubota will always have the upper hand in comparison with the Exmark due to the fuel capacity.

10. Starter:

A good starter is important for a mower. If you have a poor starter then it may cause you trouble very often. 

Exmark has a solenoid starter that works very fast and very effectively. 

But the Kubota has a key switch to start the mower. It is also convenient and easy to use.

11. Warranty:

Warranty is very important for the surety of the product and a hassle-free life. If you get a product that has no or very small duration warranty then you are not secured and if something happens to it then that will be a big liability to you.

The Exmark thus gives 5 years of warranty which is incredible for a mower. It will protect you from any extra cost.

However, Kubota has different types of warranty systems for different mowers ranging from 2 to 6 years.

Thus, both of them are equally good.

Exmark vs. Kubota: Which One to Choose Finally?

If you want to compare both of these mowers and want to buy the best one for you then it will be hard to determine the best one of these two.

Exmark has some great features with the starter, light-weight body, and comfort. There are some other small but significant features that can help you choose Exmark.

However, in many aspects, Kubota will be a better choice than Exmark. People who have used both the mowers are mostly convinced that Kubota is better at performance. It has better engine power, better fuel capacity, even better battery capacity, and so on.

Thus, if you want to buy one from these two Kubota might be a better choice.


Kubota and Exmark both are amazing mowers. However, it may seem that Kubota is better in the papers than Exmark.

But some people will stay with Exmark due to the comfort they get using this mower. But many will choose Kubota over it every time.

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