The Differences Between Dump Trailer vs. Equipment Trailer

Transporting construction and demolition debris, soil, gravel, and coal all require the usage of a dump truck trailer. On the other hand, generally, heavy-duty trailers fall into the category of “heavy-equipment” trailers.

Both of these trailers look different. Both of them have different uses. But for transportation, could you use one instead of the other? If so, which one would be better between Dump Trailer vs Equipment Trailer?

In this article today, I will discuss in detail about picking one over the other in the case of dump trailers and equipment trailers.

What Are The Difference Between Dump Trailer vs Equipment Trailer Based on Features?

To start answering your questions, yes, you can buy one instead of the other. You do not need two of them especially when you have a limited budget. Here are the few things to consider while buying them. 

1. Carrying Performance:

Of course, the dump trailer and the equipment trailer are different when it comes to function. Especially if you consider specific tasks. Such as junk removal (could be a business you are starting).

For junk removal, I would say a dump trailer is amazing! Because you can easily do all sorts of things like picking up mulch. You can also put up with gardening tasks like picking up gravel and spreading them on a pathway.

However, without any such junk removal work, the equipment trailers prove to be multifunctional. Towing with an equipment trailer is better than a dump trailer.

On the other hand, in case of an equipment trailer, it justifies it’s name. You have those one piece long pillars, or columns, or an entire car or some garden tractors you need to move? Well, the ‘flat-bed’ of an equipment truck can help you.

Not just flat beds, you can use box trucks too but they are not as spacious. Moreover, both trucks carry heavy elements. But the nature of those objects are very different.

Some flat bed trucks or equipment trucks have towing capacity. These can be gotten in really affordable price too! ($2,000-3,000)

2. Ease of Use and Comfort:

The dumping trailers obviously come with a tilting chamber. The equipment comes with a flat chamber. Now you may be considering getting the dumping trailer just for that tilt.

Because you may have things for which you need the tilt. However, I don’t think it is wise to buy the trailer just for the tilt. The users agree with me too!

The tilt can be replicated or replaced on an equipment trailer. A flat surface is easier for loading and unloading. Unlike the dumping truck, you will face fewer nuances while loading on an equipment truck.

Flat trailers are amazing as well. However, box trailers do have a lack of space. And you don’t get the tilting arrangements like that of a dumping trailer.

3. Price Comparison:

Dump trailers can be heavy and light duty. Depending on the type, dump trailers can cost starting from just $10,000 up to $30,000 or $35,000.

On the other hand, equipment trailers cost anywhere starting from $5,000, all the way up to $13,000 or $20,000.

4. Fuel Usage:

The fuel consumption requirements of different equipment trailers are different. This is because there are variations in multiple parameters. However, the average value should range anywhere between 7.9 gallons per 100 kilometres for U.S products.

On the other hand, for dump trailers, it is usually 3.2 gallons per hour.

5. Engine Power Comparisons:

The equipment truck’s maximum power output is about 150-250 BHP at 2000-2400 rpm. BHP is the engine power at which the truck works (Brake Horse Power). And its peak torque is 660 Nm between 1500 and 1700 rpm.

The dump truck’s power capacities are 400-3,800 HP.

6. Durability:

Different types of dump trucks have different durability. And different flat bed have different durability. It isnot fair to compare one with the other. However, a comparison between specific models may be applicable.

But in a much more common sense, the dump trucks are often more durable than the flat bed trucks. Dump trucks made of metal and heavier are more durable.

The dumping trucks with a mild steel that has a 36,000-psi yield is good for a dump truck. Moreover, stress resistant or crack-safe plates on the dumping truck provide better safety.

Moreover, lightweight aluminum bodies provide protection and comfort.

7. Overall Efficiency:

The overall efficiency can be seen in dumping trucks. Picking a rectangular shape box may give extra space utilization. However, it is inefficient if you want to carry single piss large components. In that case, a flat bed (equipment) truck should suffice and be proper.

8. Resell Value:

Usually the resell value of equipment trucks are more. The reason is that they are more frequently needed than the dumping trucks.

Dumping trucks areonly needed for garbage or gravel removal, gravel, soil spreading etc. These are quite seasonal or occasional in nature. So the dumping trucks can be borrowed.

However, for some dumping trucks, the resell value increases. Thisis mainly due to their size or shape.

Dump Trailer vs. Equipment Trailer, Which One to Choose?

When you’re shoveling out a yard or so of material from the utility trailer, you’ll be wishing you had the dump trailer. Yet, the dump trailer is merely another tool in the arsenal, not necessarily a trailer that can do everything.

It weighs about 4400 pounds when empty. So you put a 600-pound lawnmower in it and now you’re towing a 5000-pound load.

But if you frequently do both types of work, it is best not to use dump trailer for the equipment trailer. For example, wet dirt for the dump trailer is going to be a disaster. It is also going to be heavier while carrying equipment.

You can cleverly arrange towing material on a tower flat bed. So buying a flat bed should be sufficient and the dumping trailer is an unnecessary investment.


Q: What is the trailer of a dump truck called?

Ans: End dump.

Q: Can you haul a skid steer in a dump trailer?

Ans: Yes, easily.

Q: What is a Deckover dump trailer?

Ans: The trucks with decks sitting above the trailer wheels.


According to my analysis, the flat bed trucks are better than the dump trailers. They are more versatile and less expensive.

As a result, you should choose this one. Finally, keep your needs in mind rather than aiming for the truck with the most features.

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