7 Most Common Problems with Dr Brush Mower and Their Fixes

Dr brush mowers are one of the commonly used mowers nowadays. We have seen many customers talking about different problems they faced with their DR brush mower in different forums. 

The problems include Stalling engine, uneven cuts, starting issue, power loss etc. are very common in Dr, Brush mower.

In this article, I have discussed about 7 most common problems with DR Brush Mowers and their possible troubleshooting.

Key Points:

  • The common problems of Dr brush mowers include starting issues, having insufficient power or overheating engine etc. You may also have cutting problems.
  • There are a few components that need to be maintained regularly to avoid such problems. These include the spark plugs, fuel and air filters, fuel tank, carburetor. You always should keep them clean and in good condition. 
  • Don’t let any debris grow up in your mower. It can cause serious problem later.

7 Common Problems with Dr Brush Mower & Troubleshooting:

Check out these 7 problems and their detailed solution below. Hope you can solve the problem you are facing with your Dr Brush mower.

1. Engine Doesn’t Start

A number of defects can result in this problem. First, check the spark plugs. Make sure the spark plug wires are attached. If the spark plugs are dirty, clean them with fine emery paper. 

The next culprit can be the fuel. Before starting the mower, you should always check the fuel level. The gas should be changed every month. If you are to use the gas for more than one month, use fuel stabilizer. 

 Then go to the air filter and the carburetor. Clogged air filter or carburetor can block the required fuel flow to the engine.

So clean or replace them. Another essential check should be the batteries. If they don’t have power, charge them with a 12-volt charger.  

Other than these, check the fuses in the wire harness and replace them if needed and check for any loose connection.

2. Engine Lacks Power

Just like the starting issues, another common problem can be the lack of power on engine. The reasons are also more or less the same. Insufficient fuel level can cause this. 

Check the fuel tank and fill it with enough fuel.  Engine will also lack power due to too much temperature.

Clean or replace the fuel injectors and air filters if they are plugged. Besides, check the condition of the spark plugs and ignition coil. Replace them if they are damaged.

3. Engine Stalls

If the mower stalls excessively while mowing, the first component to look over is the carburetor. Replace the carb if it is clogged or damaged.

Besides, stale fuel and fouled spark plug can also be the reason of stalling.  They should be thoroughly checked and replaced if needed. 

Again, the engine will stall when the grass is too heavy for the cutting height or the speed. So, raise the cutting height or slower the speed if you are running very fast.

4. Engine Overheats

Engine overheating is a common issue that you can face with any mower. Overheated engine can breed different other problems. That’s why knowing how to troubleshoot this problem is important. 

Low oil level can be the primary reason for this. Due to the lack of lubricant, friction increases and the engine gets overheated. Blocked cooling fans can be another crucial reason.

When the grass and debris block the cooling fins, it keeps air from cooling engine. If the mower is liquid cooled, then you should check if the coolant level is enough.

Clogged air filter and deck has their effects here also. So never forget to keep them clean. Finally, you should not give overload to the mower. Don’t mow grass when they are wet. Let them dry.  And don’t mow thick grass for long period.

5. Engine Smokes

Occasionally, you may see smoke coming out of your mower. It can occur if the furl level is too high or too low. So, adjust the fuel level according to the recommendation.

A clogged air filter will cause the lack of air in the combustion chamber and make the fuel to air ratio higher which can cause this smoke.

Make sure the fuel you are using is of right grade as wrong type of fuel can also make your mower smoke. Apart from these, clean the cooling fins and the carburetor thoroughly if they are dirty.

Finally, if you are running the mower on slopes or uneven terrains, check the owner manual to determine its capability of mowing hilly terrains.

6. Blade Doesn’t Cut Grass

Several reasons can cause this. Firstly, check the mount bolt that secure the blade.

If they are loose, the blade cannot cut grass. Tighten those blade carriers mounting bolts. The blade should always stay sharp.  Replace the blade if it is worn or dull.

However, blades are not the only reason of uncut grass. Clogged cutting deck, unadjusted mower deck height and running the mower on very high speed can also cause this issue. So, keep those in mind also.

7. Uneven Cuts

Another cutting issue is getting uneven cuts. Sometimes you may notice that the mower is providing you bumpy cuts.

It can occur when the mower deck is low. Adjust the mower deck height.

Incorrect tire pressure can be another reason for this. Inflate the tires properly. Besides, the speed and blunt blades are also responsible for this.

Are Dr Brush Mower Any Good?

There are people who are looking for a mower to brush their small lawn. 

However, it becomes an overkill for them to buy a full-sized tractor for it. That’s where Dr brush mowers come into play.

This mower has got good reviews from the users. According to some users, they are lightweight and affordable. They will brush the saplings in your lawn easily. They also offer good quality. Some of their components including the clutch on the axle or drive shafts are really good for this price tag.

However, some users left unsatisfied remarks on these mowers. They didn’t find the expected engine durability good enough for the price. Some also complained that the replacement parts are hard to find. 

Final Words

After reading this article, you should have a good knowledge of DR brush mowers and their common problems. 

These information will help you diagnosing any problem with your mower and keeping it efficient for longer period.

However, you may face some other problems that you are not familiar with. In that case, I recommend you contacting the local experts.

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