The Key Differences Between EGO vs Greenworks Mower

EGO lawn mowers are recognized for their rapid charging times and long runtimes. Whereas, Greenworks lawn mowers are known for their preferred affordability and high portability. So, are you having trouble deciding which option to go with? Then you should read the following article.

Both EGO and Greenworks are well known for certain aspects of their products. Still, they vary in terms of warranty, battery, charging time, charge duration, number of batteries, weight, motor, height adjustments and so on.

In this article, a comparison is made between the EGO and Greenworks lawn mowers. In the end, it has been determined which one is most suited to your needs. Carefully read the whole article before making your decision.

EGO Mower vs. A Greenworks Mower: Quick Comparison Table

There are several key differences between an EGO and a Greenworks mower apart from the excess safety features. Time to take a look.

Warranty5-year parts, 3-year battery4-year parts, 2-year battery
BatteryLithium Ion 56 V, 7.5 AhLithium Ion 80 V, 5 Ah
Charging Time30 minutes60 minutes
Charge Duration45 minutes30 minutes
MotorNot brushlessBrushless Motor

What’s The Difference Between EGO Vs Greenworks Mower Based on Features?

1. Warranty:

An EGO lawn mower offers a warranty for five years on their parts and offers a warranty for three years on their battery as well.

On the other hand, a Greenworks lawn mower comes with a parts warranty that is available for four years and a battery warranty that is available for two years.

Therefore, it is clear that the EGO lawn mower offers a more warranty than the Greenworks model, with an average of five years versus four years for Greenworks.

EGO also offers a longer replacement battery warranty than Greenworks, three years compared to two years.

2. Battery:

An EGO lawn mower uses a lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 56 volts and 7.5 amp-hours.

In contrast, A Greenworks lawn mower has a lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 80 volts and 5 amp-hours.

In comparison to EGO, Greenworks provides batteries of 80 volts and 5 amp-hours is equal to 400 Watt-hour. EGO, on the other hand, has a maximum power output of 56 volts and 7.5 amp-hours is equal to 427 Watt-hour.

Also, EGO’s battery packs are more durable than Greenworks. As a result, we can come to the conclusion that in terms of battery EGO is better.

3. Charging Time:

The full charge for an EGO lawn mower takes around half an hour (30 minutes) to complete. With less time to get fully charged, it provides more time to perform its functions.

Whereas, the full charge for a Greenworks lawn mower takes around one hour (60 minutes) to complete.

In consideration of charging time, an EGO lawn mower does not take as much time to get fully charged. Hence, in this case, the EGO lawn mower overcomes the Greenworks lawn mower.

4. Charge Duration:

An EGO lawn mower will offer a long runtime. One completely charged battery will provide around 45 minutes of total mowing time.

In contrast, the battery life of a Greenworks lawn mower is not as long as that of an EGO lawn mower. It will give you around 30 minutes of mowing time.

The longer the battery backup of a lawn mower will last, the longer it can be used for mowing. Therefore, in terms of charging duration, an EGO lawn mower is better than a Greenworks lawn mower.

5. Weight:

The weight of an EGO lawn mower is about comparable to the normal weight of a machine of this kind.

Whereas, a Greenworks lawn mower’s weight is comparatively light. In the case of a self-propelling lawn mower with a lighter weight is better if they had to lift it to take it to the storage.

Therefore, it is easy to use a light weight lawn mower. Though even if the EGO is heavier, it is more comfortable to use because of the way of the self-propelling and folding system. So, in this case, an EGO lawn mower will get the advantage instead of being heavier than a Greenworks lawn mower.

6. Motor:

An EGO lawn mower comes with a brush attached to its motor.

Whereas, a Greenworks lawn mower provide a brushless motor.

A mower with a brushless motor does not cause as much friction or voltage drops. This will lengthen the motor’s life and improve its performance by keeping it cool. Therefore, in terms of motor, we can conclude that a Greenworks lawn mower offers a better motor than an EGO lawn mower.

EGO or Greenworks Lawn Mower Which One to Choose?

After reading this article, you should be able to tell the difference between EGO and Greenworks lawn mowers. You may use the information in this article to better decide which one is right for you.

If you must select between the two lawn mowers, in general, the EGO lawn mower is preferable than the Greenworks. However, individuals have their particular demands.

For people who want maximum quality, little maintenance, first charging, and also long runtime then EGO would be the perfect choice for them.

On the other hand, for people who prefer affordability and high portability, the Greenworks lawn mower is the better choice for them.

Which Have a Better Battery Quality? 

The battery quality of an EGO lawn mower is entirely different. Even though they have less power at 56 volts, they are known for lasting a long time at 7.5 amp-hours.

 In the case of EGO, you get over 45 minutes of mowing with only 30 minutes of charging. So, in terms of battery quality, EGO is the leader once again. 

The Greenworks uses 2 batteries of Lithium Ion 80 volts 5 Ah. Even though it has 2 batteries it lasts a long 30 minutes with 60 minutes of charging.

So, we can come to a conclusion that the EGO lawn mower has a better battery quality.

Is EGO Easy with Maintenance?

In spite of the fact that both lawn mowers were powered by batteries but still needed maintenance. In the case of EGO, they are more durable and built to minimize care. EGO parts require less time and effort to complete tasks like cleaning and replacing components.

Greenworks components are less durable and less expertly designed, making them more difficult to repair, maintain, and clean.

In this case, you will find that EGO lawn mowers are more durable and need less maintenance. So, we can conclude that EGO is easy with maintenance.


In comparison between the EGO and the Greenworks lawn mowers, there is no question that the EGO lawn mowers are superior to the Greenworks lawn mowers in many aspects. 

To sum it up, an EGO lawn mower has a stronger battery, higher movement and strength, and, most crucially, greater longevity than its rival. While a Greenworks lawn mower is equipped with a brushless motor, and a superior height adjustment mechanism. 

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