5 Most Common Problems with Bobcat T770 (Solutions Included)

The Bobcat T770 Tractor will complete your work if it calls for maximum lifting power and a long reach.

The 11-foot vertical lift on the Bobcat T770 Compact Track loader is available. The vertical lift path of the Bobcat T770 Compact Track Loader allows you to rapidly load items and finish difficult operations.

But, overheating motor, low hydraulic pressure, noise issues with the seat, smoking engine, and clogged fuel filter are some of the most common issues with this tractor.

I’ll discuss the signs and fixes for these issues. To learn more about the challenges and concerns with the Bobcat T770 tractor, keep reading.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Bobcat T770:Solutions:
Overheating MotorThe radiator and coolant level should be checked first.
Low Hydraulic PressureLocate the damaged components and replace them.
Noise from SeatMass-loaded vinyl material should be used to cover the seat.
Smoking EngineUtilize the common rail injection system and clean the air filter.
Clogged Fuel FilterThoroughly and regularly clean the fuel filter

5 Most Common Problems with Bobcat T770 and Their Possible Solutions:

Now that you are aware of these challenges, examine each one carefully and learn more about the issues.

1. Overheating Motor

The Bobcat T770’s engine can occasionally overheat while in use. The improper operation of the cooling system might cause the engine to overheat.

A jammed radiator or clogged radiator fins that don’t allow enough air to travel through them to cool the engine might be another factor.

A defective thermostat may not operate at the proper temperature or even at all, which is another potential cause. The engine will overheat as a result of not receiving enough coolant flow from the radiator.

The Fix:

As soon as you notice that the engine is getting too hot, pull aside and turn off the engine.

Regarding the overheating issue, examine the radiator first because it can be blocked with debris or dirt. The issue may be quickly fixed by cleaning the radiator.

Regularly check the coolant levels in your vehicle. If they are lower than usual, you may fix the problem by adding more coolant.

This video might assist you in resolving the tractor’s overheating engine problem. Future overheating problems may be avoided with routine inspections.

2. Low Hydraulic Pressure

The boom, bucket, and other hydraulically controlled components of the excavator will be difficult to move when the hydraulic system of the Bobcat T770 is under low pressure.

A leaking or faulty hydraulic pump is the major cause of low pressure in the hydraulic system.

Many connected parts, including pumps, valves, motors, cylinders, and others, make up a hydraulic system. The system pressure will decrease due to leaks as well as damage or wear to these components.

The Fix:

First, determine what is causing the low pressure to address this problem. After determining whether there is an oil leak, the pump has to be replaced.

With the proper check, it is possible to spot the defective part connected with the hydraulic system and, depending on the outcome of the inspection, replace or repair it as necessary.

3. Noise from Seat

While working, the operator seat on the Bobcat T770 makes a lot of noise. The seat’s plastic material is the source of this.

Since it is manufactured of plastic, which does not absorb sound, it produces more sound than it should.

Working with this constant noise might have negative effects, including frustration.

The Fix:

Since the seat’s material cannot be replaced The simplest way to handle this issue is to use a soundproof material to cover the operator’s seat.

Mass Loaded Vinyl is the material you may utilize to solve the condition. Mass-loaded vinyl has an STC (Sound Transmission Class) level of 28, which indicates that it will block up to 90% of sound waves that travel through it.

This material is available on Amazon or at your nearby store.

4. Smoking Engine

Sometimes black smoke is caused by a malfunctioning injector or injector pump. If your tractor is emitting black smoke, there is an imbalance in the ratio of air to the fuel inside the engine.

Either too much fuel is being added or not enough oxygen is being provided for the fuel to burn.

When you see black smoke, you are witnessing particulate-filled smoke. Large particles of improperly burnt diesel fuel make up these particulates.

The Fix:

Since both air and diesel fuel are used in the combustion process. If the engine isn’t getting enough air, dirt buildup in the air filter may be the cause. Start by cleaning or replacing the air system if that’s the problem.

You can employ a common rail fuel injection system, a high-pressure injection system that feeds fuel directly to the solenoid valves.

There won’t be much room for emissions or black smoke to escape thanks to this sophisticated injection technology.

Try to contact a specialist in this matter if you are not very experienced in this line of work. If you are not cautious enough when cleaning, any mishap might happen.

5. Clogged Fuel Filter

Your tractor’s poor engine performance and sporadic misfiring are the reason for a blocked fuel filter. The proper amount of fuel can’t get to the engine if the fuel filter is jammed.

Fuel clogging can be caused by sediment from low-quality fuel, silt buildup, or water from storage tanks at your filling stations.

Another cause of clogging is the moisture buildup brought on by condensation in the fuel tank.

While filling the gasoline system, dirt and dust may occasionally find their way into the tank. The gasoline filter may become jammed in this manner.

Although a dirty fuel filter leads to ignition difficulty, a fully-clogged filter will fail, and the engine won’t start at all.

The Fix:

The fuel filter must be cleaned frequently because it inhibits dirt and debris from entering the engine directly.

The cost to change the fuel filter is about $20, and you can do it yourself. However, if you’re doing it alone, make sure the engine is cool and that you have the right tools.

If you suspect your fuel filter is blocked, be sure to clean it as soon as you can because it can interfere with your work.

Because it will have an impact on the engines’ performance and also it may block the filters’ lines, which might cause the engine to temporarily cease operating.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

The majority of Bobcat T770 users perform a lot of work quickly and efficiently. The T770 from Bobcat performs excellently. The average rating across most forums is 4.

Nevertheless, several consumers claimed that it struggles to maneuver in thick soil and gravel. Although the machine has a lot of power, it is not the ideal choice in terms of comfort and longevity.

In forums like E-machinary.net, you may learn more about the construction and viewpoint of this tractor before making a purchase.

The tractor was still highly effective, according to several users, even after being bought and used. They are really happy with the tractor after using it and believe it to be quite reliable for a lot of work.

It is obvious why choosing this tractor is a smart move given the ease of finding replacement parts and the appropriate level of power. It continues to be a top option for customers due to its strength and capacity to function for an extended period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the engine specifications of a Bobcat T770?

92 HP Turbocharged tier 4 diesel engine.

What is the travel speed of the Bobcat T770?

6.6 mph. 10.7 mph with a 2-speed option.

Does the Bobcat T770 have joystick control?

It has an optional joystick control.

What is the price range of the Bobcat T770?

$34,900 to $75,000.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of the issues with the Bobcat T770 tractor, you can quickly fix them. After purchasing it, you can experience a few problems, but they are all fixable.

Although excellent pieces of machinery, tractors do have several flaws. Despite its limitations, the Bobcat T770 tractor is still fairly popular because of its features.

If you run across any of the issues, you may take my advice. and if the issue is significant, you should always seek expert advice.

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