Bobcat T66 Vs. T595: Which One is the Best for You?

You know how well Bobcat track loaders perform in real life. Due to reliable performance and increased efficiency, T66 and T595 are very popular in the community.

So, it is understandable if you can’t decide which one to buy. In this Bobcat T66 Vs T595 comparison article, you will have a clear picture of both.

The data I have gathered from the official spec sheet and customer review will help you a lot before making such a big decision.

Bobcat T66 Vs. T595: Quick Comparison Table

Before you start reading the detailed discussion, please have a quick look at the table for a clear overview.

Bobcat T66 Vs. T595:

FeaturesBobcat T66Bobcat T595
Horsepower74 hp70 hp
Rated Operating Capacity 2,450 lbs.2,280 lbs.
Tipping Load7,000 lbs.6,517 lbs.
Operating Weight8,927 lbs.8,022 lbs.
Forward Travel Speed 7.2 mph7.1 mph
Reverse Travel Speed10.2 mphN/A
Fuel Tank28.3 gal.36.5 gal.

What’s the Difference Between Bobcat T66 and T595 Based on Features?

1. Engine Reliability & Power:

For track loaders, the engine’s power output rating matters a lot.

Though the Jobsite determines the size and power of the loader, having a more powerful engine is always beneficial.

It is important for doing heavy-duty pushing and digging work. I would recommend getting something with more than a 90HP rating.

But in this particular comparison, the highest-rated one is Bobcat T66 with 74HP output. This model is good enough for mid-level tasks.

Both models mentioned in this article come with Tier 4 improved engines that help decrease the exhaust emission level.

Hence, you get up to 15% increased power in some cases. So, the 4HP difference in their power output is not that significant in taking a decision.

Now, let’s talk about the engine brand and its reliability. Doosan makes engines for both T66 and T595.

These Tier 4 engines meet the EPA standards which create less emission than most of the competitor compact track loaders.

Over the years, the Doosan engines have proven to be reliable performers in the field. I have read lots of positive reviews from the customers; so, you can rely on it.

2. Durability:

The Bobcat compact track loaders or skid steers are durable and reliable. And, their 40% global market share proves how good these machines are.

Both T66 and T595 come with powerful hydraulic systems, sound-minimizing and effective weight-balance designs, improved cooling systems, and superior lift arms.

I am not saying they are the best in the market but share the top spot with a few other models.

The key takeaway from this point is that you can trust Bobcat compact track loaders with your hard-earned money.

3. Rated Operating Capacity:

Another very important factor to consider is the rated operating capacity of the skid steer.

According to SAE standards, there is a certain procedure to determine each model’s ROC.

The testing procedure includes lifting the skid steer bucket to the farthest point from the operator.

After that, they fill the bucket with weights and stop right before the rear wheel lifts off the ground.

In this way, Bobcat found out that the ROC of T66 is 2450 pounds and T595 is 2280 pounds.

Here, also the difference is not that much to make them distinct from one another in terms of performance.

4. Tipping Load:

Another parameter called tipping load is also a considerable one. It indicates how much weight you can put on the skid steer bucket without tipping it over.

However, you should keep in mind that the weight limit mentioned in this parameter is far from safety standards.

35% of the tipping load is considered to be safe. And, it is known as the rated operating capacity.

Here, T66 has a tipping load of 7000 pounds; 35% of the limit is 2450 pounds which is the ROC of T66. So is true for T595.

5. Operating Weight:

The importance of the operating weight of your compact track loader is a bit different from the other parameters mentioned above.

It is helpful when one is considering towing his/her skid steer to the job site.

The operation of T66 and T595 is a summation of the machine, fluids, standard bucket, and operator.

As Bobcat T595 is more lightweight than T66, it will be easier to tow. But more weight is beneficial for getting more force in pushing or digging.

6. Travel Speed:

Here, I have seen a big difference between Bobcat T66 and T595. The first one has 2-speed control which is not present in the latter one.

According to Bobcat’s official website, the forward speed of both models is almost the same.

But you can reverse the T66 which is handy in certain situations, and this feature is not available in T595.

You may be thinking about what separates these two compact track loaders and gives a proper reason for the price difference. Well, here it is.

Getting 2-option or not getting it is a deal-breaker for lots of customers.

7. Fuel Tank Capacity:

Lastly, the fuel tank capacity of these models has a significant difference. On the last point of travel speed, T66 has an upper hand.

But T595 aces in this category by having a 36.5-gallon fuel tank capacity whereas T66 has only a 28.3-gallon capacity.

The benefit of having a larger tank is that it gives you more runtime. The operator has to refuel less frequently and save a precious working hours.

8. Service & Warranty:

2-year or 1,500-hours (whichever comes first) is the standard warranty period for both Bobcat T66 and T595 skid steers.

And, one should keep his/her Bobcat machinery serviced every 250 to 500 hours depending on the frequency of usage.

You have to be the judge of deciding the service intervals. I have told you the standard guideline but users know the best.

Bobcat T66 or T595: Which One to Choose?

Now, it all comes down to the decision-making part. In this Bobcat T66 vs T595 track loader comparison, one thing is clear.

T66 is more powerful, faster, and more capable than T595. The only downside is the fuel tank capacity.

Other than that, I think that you must go for T66 if you have enough budget.

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