Bobcat MT100 Vs MT85: Which Mini Track Loader to Buy?

You may know it as a mini track loader, walk-behind loader, mini skid-steer loader, or compact utility loader. In this category, Bobcat is a big name. And, I’m going to compare two of their best models.

This Bobcat MT100 vs MT85 comparison article focuses on their ROC, tipping load, speed, weight, comfort, and durability.

In the end, you will have a complete overview that will help take the best decision. As these loaders cost a lot, don’t rush into choosing a model. Take your time, set your needs, and choose accordingly. 

Bobcat MT100 Vs. MT85: Quick Comparison Table

Before you move on to reading the detailed comparison explanation, let’s have a look at the table below for a quick overview.

Bobcat MT100 Vs MT85:

FeaturesBobcat MT100Bobcat MT85
Rated operating capacity1000 lbs.850 lbs.
Tipping Load1314 lbs.1115 lbs.
Forward Speed6.6 km/h4.1 km/h
Reverse Speed4.7 km/h2.9 km/h
Operating weight1538 kg1407 kg
Cup HolderYesNo
Joystick ControlYesNo
Warranty2 years/2000 hours2 years/2000 hours

What’s the Difference Between Bobcat MT100 and MT85 Based on Features?

1. Engine Reliability:

Both Bobcat MT100 and MT85 use 24.8 hp Tier IV Doosan engines, and the company makes respectable engines.

What Tier 4 means is that it meets the EPA standards. As a result, Doosan engines meant for tractor models are durable and reliable with less emission.

The new design creates more energy during combustion. Hence, these engines can provide more torque output and better performance.

2. Durability:

When it comes to durable track loaders Bobcat is the brand to go for, and both of their models mentioned in this article are trusted in the community.

They come with a newly designed improved durable undercarriage. The benefit of it is that you won’t have to worry about daily maintenance.

On top of everything, the rollers inside these track loaders are that they are sealed and have a continuous lubrication system.

3. Operating Capacity:

The operating capacity of your chosen mini track-loader is very important. You have to select a model based on your needs.

Here, MT100 should be the first choice for those who are planning to deal with heavier tasks ranging from 900 to 1000 pounds.

For mid-level tasks ranging from 700 to 850 pounds, you can go for the other model; MT85.

Both are fantastic machines but their weight lifting capacity makes them different from one another.

4. Tipping Load:

Do you know what tipping load means?

It means the maximum weight that a front-loaded attachment can carry without tipping over.

Besides the operating weight capacity, knowing this rating is also important for those who are going to do heavy-duty tasks.

According to Bobcat’s official data, MT100 has a tipping load capacity of 1314 kgs whereas MT85 has only 1115 kgs.

5. Operating Speed:

A very important but overlooked parameter is speed. As people ride mini track-loaders at a slow speed, they think that it doesn’t matter.

But when you are working for 6 or 7 hours a day, the speed will make a difference.

While going through the MT100’s spec sheet, I saw that it has a forward speed of 6.6 km/h and a reverse speed of 4.7 km/h.

On the other hand, MT85’s spec sheet tells us that it has a forward speed of only 4.1 km/h and a reverse speed of 2.9 km/h.

You can see that these models have a huge difference in their operating speeds. Like the previous 2 parameters, here the winner is also MT100.

6. Operating Weight:

Though MT100 comes with more weight than MT85, it has a powerful engine that lets you ride it at higher speeds.

Moreover, more weight is beneficial to push heavy objects.

However, you should keep in mind that the right size and weight of the loader depend on the user’s requirements or the nature of the task.

7. Comfort:

Small things added to the design of the operator’s dashboard make the difference.

For example, Bobcat MT100 comes with a cup holder and a useful storage compartment.

Hence, you can keep your favorite beverage, and keep the important tools close to you while driving.

Also, engineers at Bobcat have proven to be very good at designing MT100 as it provides more comfort for the operators compared to MT85.

The reason I am saying that is because of having optimized roller spacing located on the track system.

And, the integrated ride-on platform also gets the credit for its more comfortable riding experience.

8. Operation:

Precise control is very important to do landscaping tasks. For that reason, Bobcat gives joystick control with MT100 which is not the case in MT85.

It gives you very easy and comfortable maneuverability keeping the other hand free at all times.

Controlling the height of the loader, the travel speed, and direction, and all operations are easy in the newer MT100 making the first choice.

9. Service & Warranty:

It is recommended that Bobcat skid steers should be serviced every 250 to 500 hours. The timeframe depends a lot on the condition and frequency of using it.

Bobcat is committed to its customers’ satisfaction. Besides some negative occurrences, you will mostly get positive feedback from customer service experiences.

Both models concerned here come with a 2-year or 1,500-hours warranty. The expiry date depends on whichever condition gets fulfilled first.

Bobcat MT100 or MT85: Which One to Choose?

I have already shown my reasons behind the newer model as the winner in this Bobcat MT100 vs MT85 comparison.

While researching, I found a Reddit thread where users praise MT100 over its counterpart. Read it too to know the feedback from real customers. 

Its MT mount lets you use almost all types and sizes of attachments. For power, comfort, and versatility, MT100 should be your first choice.

However, the best approach to making such a costly decision is to rent a few models, try them, and then make the call.

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