6 Common Problems with Bobcat 773 and Their Solutions

Bobcat 773 mower is one of the popular mowers in the market. You might have one for your lawn, too. Then maybe you have faced some of the common problems of Bobcat 773. 

Now, what are the problems that you may see in your Bobcat? Can these problems be solved?

Bobcat 773 sometimes show steering problem, bearing failure, clogged case drains filters, charge pump problems. These are some of the common issues that you may encounter while using one. 

However, most of the problems can be solved by following proper instructions or by talking to an expert.

Let’s talk about those problems in detail and how you can fix them.

6 Most Common Problems with Bobcat 773 and Their Solutions:

Here I will talk about the problems and solutions of Bobcat-

1. Main Bearing Failure

Bearings have a certain lifespan, but there are techniques to extend that lifespan. Failure to identify or even monitor the bearing oil for the central hub is one of the most prevalent reasons for premature bearing failure in Bobcat final drive motors. 

One of two drain pipes for hub bearings are frequently obscured by dirt and debris, and we assume that several final drive owners are unaware of their presence.

Every 500 hours, the oil in the hub bearing should be checked and replaced. If the levels fall below a certain point, the failing bearing might soon destroy the final drive motor. When you replace the oil, it should seem “glittery,” which suggests you have a bearing that is already breaking up.

The most common cause of main bearing failure is a leakage in the main seal, that enables bearing fluid to escape. The bearings begin to suffer deterioration when the hub bearing oil becomes insufficient. The damage has a cascading effect, and your whole final drive might be permanently ruined.

The only way to fix this problem is to replace the bearings. 

2. Head Crack

One of the most common issues of Bobcat is head crack. It mostly happens after several years and the new ones are not usually having any problems like that. 

After using the mower for over 2500 hours the head becomes rusty and it may need changing. When you find something like that on your Bobcat 773, take it to a dealer or professional to replace it. If there is anything that can be done, they will try to fix it without changing.

However, changing it is recommended.

3. Clogged Case Drain Filters

Clogged case drain filters are yet another major cause of issues for Bobcat. Hydraulic fluid reinforces the motor when the filter clogs. As a result, there is a lot of pressure.

Hence drain flow is stopped by the clogged filter, the pressure keeps rising. When the oil seal breaks, hydraulic fluid, and gear oil mix together.

As pressure builds, the damage caused by a clogged case drain filter might be severe. Rotator groups that appear to have been blasted apart, bearings in bits, and a damaged or absent cover plate are all frequent.

This may be avoided by changing the whenever the other filters are replaced. The color of a fresh case drain filter is bronze. It has to be changed if it is dark or filthy. Trying to clean a case drain filter is not suggested; if you have any concerns, replace it.

If you have a final drive or pump failure, it’s a good idea to replace the case drain filter as a safety measure.

4. Charge pump issue

Numerous times, machine owners would change an engine because they believe it is the root of the problem, while the concern is really the charge pump. 

If your Bobcat machine’s charge pump isn’t up to the mark, it might harm your motor if the brakes aren’t fully released.

Your Bobcat machine’s engine may appear to be feeble, or it may veer to one side. Your motor will be damaged if the charge pump is not changed.

5. Losing the seat bar light

The seat bar light turning off has happened to some of the folks. The seat bar light will occasionally turn back on and return to normal. On the screen, there are no codes. 

Removing the seat bar sensor apart will reveal nothing even after changing the battery, alternator, checking all plug connections, shaking all wires to check for faulty wiring, or checking all visible ground connections.

Even when manually checking it and checking the plug going to the seat bar sensor, fuses, and relays, removing and replacing connections from the computer, and observing the plug in the rear of BICS. 

The problem might potentially happen at any time. It might be more severe at times. If the machine runs or the key is merely turned on, the seat bar light will turn on and off.

If this is the problem, you can check if something is wrong with ECM and it is better to talk to an expert on this matter. Because there can be other underlying issues that can cause a similar problem.

6. Hydraulic failure

A hydraulic failure on the bobcat 773 is another problem. The bobcat runs and operates properly, however, the tilt and raise feature may not function. It can appear that it is not disengaging. 

The pedals are unlocked by pulling down on the bar. When you try to tilt or lift it, the engine will load up but not move. There are around 5 lights in the rear of the cab, just near the seat. Except for the tilt and raise lights, all of the lights should operate.

This is probably a hydraulic failure. This may also indicate a faulty BICS controller or the primary control valve’s BICS solenoid is removed from the harness.

In this case, you should take it to a repair shop to check which is causing the problem. You may need to change the BICS controller. And if it happens due to the connection problem then it can be fixed quite easily. 

Should You Buy A Bobcat 773?

For modest or medium-sized work, the Bobcat 773 is a contemporary and highly advanced piece of equipment. It’s a dependable skid steer loader that’s ideal for operations like construction, gardening, manufacturing, and snow clearing.

It has enhanced features. The speed of the Bobcat 773 is 7 miles per hour (mph). The 773 series loaders’ productivity was improved due to the increased vertical lift.

It features a higher truck loading lift height and a lift capability of 773 pounds, which has been enhanced to 1750 pounds ROC and 1,850 pounds with turbo.

It has a powerful engine with less noise with noise cancellation mechanism.

Hence, people like this product, and you can enjoy a great experience with this mower.


Bobcat 773 is a great machine that can help with your daily need for gardening, manufacturing, and snow clearing. Although there are some issues that you may find while using one, the performance of Bobcat 773 is very good.

If you are going to buy it, I will encourage you and also advise you to take care of the machine so that it will give you the best output.

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