7 Most Common Problems with Bad Boy Mower and Solutions

In 2002, the bad boy created their first mower and displayed it at the Lawn and Garden Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, where it won Product of the Year and attracted dealers. Three years later, in 2005, they released their first catalog.

If you’ve had a BadBoy mower for a while, you’re undoubtedly aware that the mowing deck, starter, and transaxle are the most typical points of failure. The majority of these are caused by a lack of regular maintenance, wear and tear, and in certain cases, incorrect usage.

So, here I have decided to address the most common issues that one might encounter with the transaxle of any Bad boy mower.

3 Most Common Bad Boy Mower Problems and Solutions:

Here I will discuss some of the Bad Boy mower problems with solutions that you may find:

1. Transaxle Problems:

The suspension mechanism on Bad Boy mowers is excellent, allowing for a smooth ride while keeping the mower deck stable even while mowing on hilly terrain. Simultaneously, you receive an unrivaled, smoother, and cleaner cut.

However, transaxle and hydraulic issues might make your ride bumpy and result in poor grass cut quality.

Most turf grasses, such as Bermuda grass, are delicate and require a clean-cut quality and mowing height.

Common transaxle problems include:

  • Leaking hydraulic fluid
  • A damaged Charge pump

Getting a new seal kit and installing it is the best solution for leaking fluid. The hydro system might be defective, so you should have a mechanic look at it and remedy any issues.

The MZ models’ hydrostatic system is a sealed lifetime transaxle system, requiring no maintenance. Follow the steps below to move the mower when the engine is turned off.

  • Two levers may be found beneath the back of the mower. These bypass levers act as a neutral, allowing you to move the mower when the engine is turned off.
  • To activate the bypass, pull the levers out and lock them into place.

To change the hydraulic oil and filter:

  • Underneath the oil filter, place an oil drain pan.
  • To drain the oil, remove the oil filter from the reservoir.
  • Install a new oil filter once the oil has been emptied from the reservoir. Tighten to a 3/4 turn when the gasket has made contact. Using the fill cap, add fresh engine oil to the reservoir. The oil level should be poured until the bottom of the top fitting is reached.
  • Do not overfill the container.
  • Add oil until the level reaches the fitting and the air bubble is no longer visible if the tube has an air bubble.
  • Before discarding the old oil filter, drain it of any free-flowing oil. Continue with the purging procedure.

To purge air from the system:

  • Lift the mower’s rear tires off the ground and block the front tires to keep them from moving.
  • Slowly rotate the directional drive arms in the forward and backward directions (5-6 times) with the bypass valve open (to open bypass valve, loosen 1/2 to 1 full turn) and the engine running. As air is evacuated from the unit, the oil level will drop.
  • Slowly move the directional drive arms forward and backward with the bypass valve closed and the engine running (5-6 times).
  • Turn the engine off.
  • After stopping the motor, check the oil level and add oil if needed.
  • You may have to repeat procedures 1 through 3 until all of the air has been purged from the system.

Adjust the mower’s tracks by lengthening or shortening the pushrods. The pump’s speed will be increased by lengthening the pushrod. The pump’s speed will be reduced by shortening the pushrod. Turn the adjustment knob on either steering arm until the desired effect is obtained to make on-the-fly modifications.

2. Mower pulling to one side:

Another typical issue with your Bad Boy Mower is the issue of alignment. The tractor pulls to one side and easily goes off the mowing track as you mow your grass.

This is a steering issue in which the mower deviates from the mowing line and goes in the other way, regardless of which direction you want it to go.

While the problem can be caused by a variety of factors, the following are the most prevalent causes you should investigate.

  • Some tires have better grip than others
  • Faulty dampener
  • Handling and steering problems

This has occurred frequently on the Bad Boy ZT with a 50″ deck, but the good news is that you can simply diagnose your zero turn mower and, in many cases, solve the problem.

There are a few repairs you may try to get rid of this problem if it is not a significant mechanical or transaxle problem.

Here’s how to resolve the problem:

If one of your Bad Boy tractor’s wheels is underinflated, it will drag to one side. The simple remedy is to check the tire pressure on all four wheels to ensure that they are at the required PSI. This should resolve the issue.

3. Mower Deck Shaking:

Bad Boy mowers normally have a sealed deck, but after a few hundred hours of mowing, the blades will need to be serviced and the deck will need to be examined.

Cutting deck vibration or shaking is a typical issue, and it can be caused by missing set screws from pulleys and lock collars. When you start and operate your Bad Boy mower, the deck will start to tremble or shake if the spindle key is also worn out.

The solution is as simple as adjusting the belt adjustment at the drive pulley’s rear. You may also check for missing screws on the pulleys, as well as the spindle and bearings, and replace them.

If this does not solve the problem of your Bad Boy zero turn mower’s shaky mowing deck, make sure the blades are balanced – especially if new blades were fitted under the deck.

If the problem persists, a trained maintenance mechanic should inspect the tractor for additional troubleshooting and repair.

4. Deck Lift Problem

The Survey motor of the mower get apart and failed to raise. Sometimes it descends deck also which is so unpredictable as a highly branded tractor.

This case arrives while the survey motor pole fails or even if it rotates around the deck in bolting.

The Fix:

To formulate the overall situation, we must unbolt widely the survey motor and measure the level of lubricant within it in the place.

If we do not get found a sufficient amount of oil or lubricant, we need to pour adequately. Then we have to unlock the cover of it properly.

If the low-quality symbol is the issue of housing, there must be applied sealant gadget for removing the havoc.

5. Deck Vibration

It seems that for using at the purpose of mowing up to so many hours to hours, the tool creates vibration with sound. By this time, it fluctuates so that its speed of it may up and down.

The reason behind this is the loss or displacement of the neckband and ring. The other cause is that the key on the solenoid side carries it.

The Fix:

Firstly, we must speculate the most distance ring of the solenoid and adjust the belt in the right place. A better idea can be to exchange the lost parts of the solenoid.

6. Starting Problem

It is a matter of regret that the mower more often cannot proceed even after gearing up the switch.

One of the reasons is that the pump of the oil or gasoline gets faulty as well.

For this lawnmower, the total energy comes from a fuel like gas, oil, diesel, etc.

Moreover, when the lines which are connected to the fuel tank are defective or damaged it will make trouble.

The fact is whenever a tank will get empty, the engine won’t able to get an adequate amount to move at all.

The Fix:

Firstly, we need to check the level of fuel carried by the tank. If the signal goes negative we must add extra fuel.

Secondly, we need to change the tank of gas or diesel or oil.

Thirdly, the lines of the fuel which is the carrier must be renewed or repaired.

Fourthly, we need to inspect the sparking wire of the engine if it is ascended or not. When the socket is attached so weakly, it won’t start. So we also look over the fact.

7. Spindle Problem

The spindle is one of the most important fragments of the engine which is responsible for the even cut of grass or other weeds.

The customers who use the lawnmower face some trouble while employing it in the field.

Sometimes, the turfs get heated up just utilize it for an hour. It comes from a spindle fault. Then vibration will appear if it fails to lose the gait. The squawking sound may arrive for the injury of the coil.

The Fix:

In the first place, we need to look over directly if the spindle is damaged or not visibly. As the matter occurs, we must replace a newer onto it. Otherwise, the spindle must be installed.

In the second place, we need to check out whether the gait is settled to the spindle in right place or not with the coil. If it’s not, reading the proper manual we will fix the problem.

What Majority of the Users Feel about Bad boy mower?

Badboy zero-turn riding lawnmowers are among the most popular on the market. They provide a high-quality product with a variety of features and options, as well as outstanding customer service.

People praise the machines for their performance, durability, and ease of use, according to Bad Boy mower reviews.

Other zero-turn riding lawnmower companies, such as John Deere and Cub Cadet, also give Bad Boy mowers great marks.

Bad Boy has a variety of mower models to pick from, each with its own set of features and choices at various pricing points. Bad Boy’s customer service is also excellent.

Final Thoughts

Not only that but their research and development and quality assurance teams are always looking for new ways to enhance the quality and performance of each product line so that consumers only receive the best items delivered to their homes.

However, there are still limitations, and the transaxle troubles stated above can occur with any Bad Boy mower.

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